How It Works

I (John Phillips) have been in Ghana West Africa for 14 plus years. I am a native(American) born, American, an engineer with over 40+ years of experience.

Over 6,000 to 9,000 American who live in some of the northern areas of America, as well as a congested American area, would like to move to Africa. Many would come without knowing all. Many of Ghana’s jobs are not the American style, types & procedures, but would like it to be on the somewhat, active side.

What PTI LLC would like to do is to allocate many American style/type, jobs & residence, initially?

From this, we would like to arrange all job types, similar to the American type & match your local(Ghana) residence. Ashesi is key to our progress. Our objective is to initially allocate 2600 - 3600 jobs, from America and the 4,000 Ghana average amount locally from the Ghana area. We have also transferred many Ghana student engineers to the States, and they are resonant American as we speak now.

A. One above will consist of an airport, and 4-6 cargo aircraft initially. We think this will initially consist of over 280 employees. Please note there will be initially 18+ African countries, that we will be activist with, Via phone, network, and aircraft. Key USA workers will MANAGE the 18 customers and the aircraft transit cargo operation. There will also be a need to acquire two airports that run aircraft. One for our operation and the other for a USA military port to assist their operation. The cross side will be for the military only. Our “LM100J -Dash 8-Q400” will need them to assist us in transport and maintenance. Please note we have educated many in aircraft maintenance. Lockheed Martin is also committed to us for assisted aircraft maintenance.

We can acquire quite a bit in Africa and bring it into our West Africa terminal. We are thinking it is better to process and refine it in our African plant initially. 

Please note our 18+ countries all are initially below the “Great Green Wall” located south of Sahel.

Below are some of the units that have already contacted us.


​ ​ 

B. Residence, will initially consist of 2,500 families.(children’s & friends) Church, school(k-12), office & Hotel.


C. Oil & Gas project - our objective is to acquire a 2,000+ mile block, which will be passed over to our major Oil & Gas vendor. The oil will probably be processed offshore, and the gas will probably be processed on shore.(LNG & LPG Terminal)


D. Water & Salt project - The ocean water will come from the Atlantic Ocean offshore. The process will deliver bottled fresh water and by sacks of fresh dry salt, average 880 Tons per day.


E. Managers & workers - will come from USA managers, worker and Ghana (Ashesi) managers & worker.

F. Landowners & Land purchased - Currently we own a one 4 miles block and need to acquire an additional 14-mile block.