Residence In Africa Jobs

Many jobs that are in-demand of skilled individuals like you are on the continent of Africa. This region not only has job opportunities opening up every day, but it is a beautiful spot that most people will never get to experience. If you would like to have a residence in Africa, then our recruitment center may be able to help. Not only will we help you find employment for Americans in the African countries, but we'll also help you find a permanent residence to keep you comfortable during your stay. No matter what your skillset or specialties are, there may be job opportunities in Africa that will offer you permanent residence as part of your payment package. To learn more, call today.

LNG (Oil &Gas) Jobs

Many of the fastest growing countries in Africa require men and women for a variety of LNG (Oil & Gas) jobs. If you have the skills that it takes for these high-demand positions, then give us a call. We help LNG businesses and centers in Africa by recruiting the top talented Americans to help add value to their company, skilled employees to their work, and to help you find high quality and meaningful work. No matter what kind of experience level you have, if you are looking for LNG employment, then we are here to help.

Water & Salt Project Jobs

Many African countries have significant Water & Salt projects that need talented men and women to join their team. If you or someone you know has an interest in these important land excavation projects, then give us a call. Our recruitment center helps by providing assistance for companies and individuals to connect for these in-demand positions. We supply better pay rates, relocation assistance, and other benefits that will make your transition a breeze. To learn more, visit us today or call to find out about our opportunities.

Management Jobs

Many of the top African construction sites, excavation projects and more need talented men and women for managerial positions. If you have what it takes to be a leader for one of several major projects, then give us a call now. Our recruitment team specializes in connecting the right managerial talent to the right companies so that everyone benefits from your management skills. We offer better pay rates, relocation assistance, and several other benefits and perks that could only come from these African job opportunities. To learn more, give us a call today.

Land Excavation Jobs

Did you know that several countries in Africa have high demand need for excavation assistance? Then if you have the skills, training, or credentials to help, then you could have a high paying excavation job in one of several African countries. All you have to do is visit our center or give us a call. We offer top pay scales, relocation assistance, and several competitive benefits that even local companies can't match. If you want to learn more about this opportunity, then give us a call today.